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A Major European manufacturer wanted to buy 5000 Christmas Gifts for their employees. They needed four types of gifts:

  • Donation to good cause
  • Traditional Christmas basket
  • Two gifts contents to be determined in the course of the bid
  • Customer wanted suppliers to provide gift suggestions

The budget per gift was limited to DKK 600 due to tax regulations. The gift process was taken seriously by the customer and needed to be done professionally.


  • The company decided to use two RFI’s.
    • First RFI used to prequalify twelve suppliers. Information solicited included supplier experience, return policies, wrapping, gift brands, etc. as well as up to 10 suggested gift packages.
    • Second RFI asked six suppliers to make specific offers on three gifts according to the themes selected in round 1.
    • “Private Event” bidding format was used in order to hide the content from company employees.


  • Nine bidders provided information for Round 1
  • Five of six Round 2 bidders submitted bids
  • Completed event provided innovative gifts that met the customer’s needs across a diverse employee base while staying within budget and maintaining secrecy