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The buyer, a large European retailer, called Scanmarket on a Monday wanting to run an eAuction for labels on Friday of the same week. Previous annual spend had been €1,240,000 across 4 countries and 44 product variants in total. The buyer had a strong wish to consolidate to fewer suppliers if possible. Furthermore, the buyer was under time pressure as a contract needed to be re-negotiated before a long holiday break that was just around the corner. 10 suppliers pre-qualified for the eAuction.


  • Collated and issued relevant documentation and information to selected suppliers
  • CherryLot auction - one lot per country each with up to 15 product variants
  • Not all suppliers were qualified for all country lots - blindfolding used
  • Parameter adjustment added to one of the suppliers, as there was a single preferred supplier
  • Scanmarket conducted individual training sessions with suppliers - opportunity to discuss bidding strategy and highlight supplier advantages like market price insight and fair competition
  • Spent time on personal contact with suppliers - they felt they were listened to and the training made them feel more comfortable


  • High bidding activity - more than 400 bids were submitted and all suppliers took part
  • €154,000 savings identified - 12.4%
  • Consolidated to 2 suppliers - the buyer was very satisfied with the results