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Amr Omar is a regional category manager for raw materials and OEM at the purchasing department of Bekaert North America. Amr needs to have an up-to-the-minute understanding of where his suppliers stand on pricing and delivery capabilities. To do this, he has been using the Scanmarket eRFx platform extensively, running about 25 bids each month. These bids can range from simple, five-item projects to complex efforts that can have up to a thousand items.
Said Omar, “Just like with any new tool there’s a bit of a learning curve with Scanmarket, but because of the way the tool is designed and its user-friendliness, that learning-curve is fairly short.”
From his experience, he has developed a series of best practices that he agreed to share with the Scanmarket community.

Key benefits:

  • Standardization: because it’s a normal process that you develop from start to finish so all the RFP’s begin to look the same and the process gets smoother, which means that it takes less time to generate a bid, to generate an RFQ and that helps us to be more efficient.
  • Organization: Scanmarket nicely lays out the stage that you’re at with the bid. Drafts, active bids, active settled and the settled bids. That clear structure allows us to become better organized.
  • Communication/visibility: Twofold. Internally Scanmarket enables any team member to see exactly where we are in an RFP or online agreement renewal. Externally the stakeholders always have the most up-to-date and complete information.

Keys to success:

  • The quality of information used in the bidding process helps purchasing, the suppliers and the bidding process as such. Devote the necessary time to get it right.
  • Have a regular process. Have a defined process and involve your stakeholders, the business and the key players. Allow them to see the bids and the information that’s being generated into the bids and the types of questions that are coming from suppliers. Scanmarket makes this communication really easy.

In the case of Bekaert and Scanmarket, we agree with Bekaert’s corporate slogan, “better together”.

If you’d like more information about how to improve the results from your eSourcing program, contact your Scanmarket account manager or reach us at www.scanmarket.com.

"Scanmarket’s eRFx platform has fundamentally changed Bekaert’s bidding process. For the better."