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The use of Scanmarket’s eSourcing platform is widely embraced across the procurement team at Birds Eye Iglo Group Ltd and eRFx and eAuction events are used to purchase a wide variety of products – on which savings of up to 36 % have been achieved.

About Birds Eye

The purchasing team is spread across many countries. The team uses Scanmarket‘s eSourcing platform for all sort of products: Ingredients for food production, additives, dairy products, oil and spices as well areas of the non-product related portfolio for the Birds Eye production sites. Manuela Greunke explains below how she has negotiated medical supplies.

eAuctions result in larger savings

I always start out by running an eRFx where the suppliers provide their quotations and supply important information about the products being purchased. In most cases, after qualifying the suppliers through eRFx, I usually proceed with a final eAuction round. In my last event I needed to purchase medical supplies for our production sites in Germany. The total savings obtained after we had the final negotiation through an eAuction were 35.3 %” said Manuela Greunke.

What are the advantages?

“Once I have built up an event, I can use it over and over again. This really saves me a lot of time when re-negotiating our yearly contracts. Furthermore, it is a significant benefit within the negotiation process to have all my product and supplier information centralised online in one place. The outcome is that I spend a lot less time to prequalify and negotiate with suppliers, whilst increasing transparency and delivering savings” said Manuela Greunke.

Scanmarket support and reporting

I have used Scanmarket’s “Quick Call” several times and compared to many other providers, I must say that it is the best support that I have experienced so far. The Scanmarket support team is very knowledgeable and patient and they really provide an excellent service. This is why we do not hesitate to recommend our suppliers to use “Quick Call”. 
Furthermore the event reports I can download from the system are very useful. All the important results and event information are gathered in one MS Excel file, which gives me a complete overview of my event results” said Manuela Greunke.

"The Scanmarket support team is very knowledgeable and patient and they really provide an excellent service."

Manuela Greunke, Buyer