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Marston’s, founded in 1834, is one of the UK’s largest brewer and pub operators. With widespread operations and a large supplier base, Marston’s has long faced a significant number of challenges posed by legacy storage of contracts in hard drives, filing cabinets, etc. with no central repository. In addition to limiting visibility to the organization’s liabilities, this situation required significant legal resources to manage existing agreements.

To remedy this situation, Marston’s chose the Scanmarket Contract Management module, bringing about a complete digitalisation of their contract storage, workflow and management. The initial roll-out was stage-gated across all the organisation’s stakeholders with many key areas of the business being part of the journey and final usage including Sales, Procurement and Legal. Scanmarket guided Marston’s through a structured implementation process including the importing of contracts from SAP and training of stakeholders.

After several years’ usage, multiple key benefits have been realized including reduced contract overruns, enhanced contract standardisation, and a significantly reduced human resource demand on the legal department. Marston’s has developed into one of Scanmarket’s best in class users of Contract Management with business approval processes and minimum order quantity tracking now built into their use of the system. Looking into the future, Marston’s hopes to capitalise on brand new Scanmarket Contract Management functionality such as e-signature as their journey continues to develop.

"Scanmarket Contract Management has enabled Marston's to focus key resources on what's important to our business rather than waste time on administration"

Colin McKenzie, Head of Indirect Procurement