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Nissan drives volume faster with Scanmarket

Deploying an easy-to-use sourcing platform sends sourcing volume up at Nissan

In addition to creating some of the world’s best cars, Nissan is well-known in procurement circles for being an accomplished practitioner of eSourcing. Nissan’s procurement team is a long-time veteran of strategic sourcing and has experience across multiple sourcing platforms. In order to meet new savings targets, Nissan’s team knew that they were going to need to dramatically increase the volume of projects being executed. To achieve the required volume increase, Nissan decided that finding an easy-to-use platform so that more stakeholders would run projects rather than just “super users”.  Their existing platform had advanced functionality but it was too complicated.

More people using the system = More volume = More savings

After an in-depth market analysis, Nissan selected Scanmarket as the provider that could best combine advanced functionality with a platform that was easy enough to learn that people would actually use it. The Scanmarket platform was implemented across multiple business units, starting in Europe and North America. In order to facilitate the roll-out, Nissan used Scanmarket’s consultancy to assist users and set up system entities, user rights, and configurations. Nissan also established a global help desk for both buyers and suppliers to make sure everyone could get the help they needed, when they needed it.  

Results from the Scanmarket roll-out at Nissan were dramatic. The combination of business unit-specific implementations and global oversight and support let to impressive outcomes. In the words of the project lead, Barry Wilmer, Purchase Systems Development Manager, Nissan UK:

“The tools are proving to be very successful and simple to use.  Scanmarket takes a ‘can-do’ approach and provides first class support”

"The tools are proving to be very successful and simple to use. scanmarket takes a ‘can-do’ approach and provides first class support."

Barry Wilmer, Purchase Systems Development Manager